Ever since I was a boy growing up in the far south of New Zealand I was interested in tinkering around in my father’s garage. We made stuff. Go carts – snow sleds – tree huts – bike ramps – picture frames – anything. It was there I started to understand how things go together.

In time I also became obsessed with music. The drums. I learnt on the job – joined a band and have been in one ever since. Music is my passion. Upon leaving school I became a carpenter and continued learning how to put things together. How to create something beautiful and useful out of things much simpler.

After years of playing and purchasing different snare drums in pursuit of the sound and feel I wanted, a light was switched on. I can make these! This is where my passion for creating works of music and works of wood can meet. After many months of research, head scratching, trials and errors, frustration and joy, the first Swan drum was built. Then another. And another…

Not a whole lot has changed since those early days in Dad’s shed. I still tinker around but now it’s in a small workshop in Melbourne, Australia where I craft one by one what I hope you’ll say are fine instruments – with which you can create something great.

The Process

The Drums



The Swan Drums workshop is located in the suburb of Brunswick, Melbourne.

For recent happenings, new drums and general amusement please visit and subscribe to the social media channels. Drum demos will be posted on the YouTube channel – click on the icons to the right of menu bar

If you’d like more information about products, availability, custom orders and pricing, please get in touch using the form on the right, or email – info@swandrums.com.

You’re also very welcome to visit, have a chat and try some drums.

Cheers, Ben

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